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What You Do Not Know About Cannabis

In the current market there have been so many arguments about marijuana which has led to research that has brought about interesting facts about the drug. If you are studying marijuana or if you want to start using marijuana it is important that you know everything about the drug so that you are not misled by rumors. Here are some of the facts that you should know about marijuana and you should know so that you can make an informed decision on whether to use the plant or not.

In the current society a lot of people debate about legalization of marijuana because it seems as a drug that may have both positive and negative effects but there was a time when growing marijuana was a must. In 1619 the government of Jamestown forced people to grow marijuana. The government found it important to force people to grow these plants because it was growing in demand because it was not only used as a drug was just also used to create fabric and rope it was very important at the time. It was therefore necessary for people to grow this plant so that the government could survive and this is funny because unlike those times, it is now illegal in most regions to grow the plant and there is a lot of stigmatization about the use and growing of the plant.

The government has taken time to research and identify if marijuana can cause the death of a healthy individual after its use. It was found that for an individual to die from the use of marijuana they need to have smoked 800 joints. What was even more interesting from this research is the fact that it was found that the hemp did not kill but the carbon monoxide that would kill that healthy individual. In most countries smoking tobacco cigarettes is not issue but marijuana has been banned because it is assumed that the plant can kill, however from this research, we have established that the use of marijuana cannot kill easily and it can only kill as fast as the use of cigarettes.

There are very many words that are used to talk about the cannabis plant. It is interesting to know that there are over 200 names in the American society that have used to refer to marijuana. Out of this 200 the most common name is marijuana, bhang and hemp. To ensure that people understand you when you are going to buy this plant, make sure that you use the three given names.

The use of marijuana has been for a very long time but the first time that this plant was used was 4700 years ago.